I got addicted to software development back into 1988 when I was in my early childhood. I spent hours programming scientific calculators. Then there were self-made computers my friends assembled in a local radio club.
After I had graduated from the university, I worked in numerous IT projects, starting from satellite communication and SCADA systems and up to stock trading algorithms and marketing tools. It was a great time, but I decided that I need greater flexibility and control over my life, so I launched my software business as an independent software vendor.
I felt in love with desktop outliners back into 2003, starting from TreePad Lite and KeyNote. They were great products for that time, and I happily used them until I decided to develop my version. It was SEO Note I launched in 2004 and used for a few years until I switched from C++ to C#.
For the next few years, I experimented a lot with in-house outliners, developing them mostly for my pleasure. Taking into account my experience, I didn't want to waste my time on a support of a freeware product, so I never released them to the public.
It took yet another ten years to develop a product that I'm happy not only to use by myself but to share with others. Call it perfectionism, if you want :)
All these years I used my outliner to learn and organize software development and marketing at my company. It has got plenty of almost invisible but important features that made its use for these tasks really easy and effective.